Improving the lives of those most affected by poverty

The Treetop Foundation is a small family, UK based charity that operates out of Lincolnshire. We’re passionate about bringing the children of Tombodu tangible opportunities to escape the cycle of poverty through education and ongoing support. The charity invests 100% of your donation into educating and feeding the children we support.
We’re steadfast in our mission that people deserve the opportunities to reach their dreams. We’ve all been fortunate enough to receive an adequate education, which has helped us build a happy life. We want to help those born into inter-generational poverty the same opportunity so they can be successful and break the poverty cycle. This help and support in the course of their studies can transform minds and enable young people to become self-reliant and productive citizens of their society.
We understand that education helps individual children as well as the overall community for generations to come. Higher education rates lead to an improvement in healthcare and gender equality, which helps them become great role models to their children as well as others.
Sierra Leone’s civil war ended in 2002, and the effects of this shockingly brutal time leave scars both physically and emotionally on many people throughout the country and in Tombodu specifically. We hope our work will help heal the community through supporting the younger generations.
In addition to our work in education, The Treetop Foundation also focuses on developing the town through building projects to provide a safe and sustainable place for people to live. The charity pays all administration costs, including staff through other ventures, meaning that those in need receive the entirety of all donations.
We also provide feeding programmes at The Treetop Academy and UMC Tombodu Primary school. Though our main focus is education, we strive to ensure vulnerable people have access to food through our food programs.
The work we’ve done and will continue to do would not be possible without our friends, trustees and supporters. Whether you’re an individual or part of a business that would like to help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Help people in Sierra Leone achieve their aspirations through education and other pragmatic tools by supporting us today.

Where does
your money go?

We raise funds for the development of the town
of Tombodu in Sierra Leone. With a focus
on education, food, water and creating job opportunities.

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  • Town
  • 2
  • Schools
  • 500
  • Children


In 2020, we had planned to travel to Sierra Leone to oversee the building of extensions for the two schools where we planned to build new classrooms, toilet blocks and kitchens.
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