About us

The Treetop Foundation project is a registered UK charity which was founded in 2018 by Joanne and Ken Smithers. The inspiration for the project came about while on a business trip to the Capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown. While passing through the impoverished town of Tombodu, we were graciously greeted by the entirety of the village. So eager to welcome us that they had put on a beautiful display of singing and dancing, with the school children lining up along the dusty, dirt road guiding us in and presenting gifts of fruit.

After the ceremony, It became abundantly clear that Tombodu was in desperate need of support.

Shortly afterwards, the charity was formed and took a holistic and pragmatic approach to address the problems of the post-war-ravaged town Tombodu. Seeking to create a better and sustainable future for the Townspeople.
After learning of the struggles that the town is facing from the people of Tombodu, we collectively came to the decision to put our resources into a feeding program for school children. Developing educational establishments, medical, construction, and helping those hardest hit by poverty.

Sam Fanday

Our Overseas Representatives

Treetop Foundation has two representatives in Sierra Leone. Sam and Lawrence
oversee all operations and projects that are organised by the Treetop
Foundation. From delivering rice and supplies to the schools promoting good
hygiene, Sam and Lawrence are invaluable team members of the charity.