Projects in Sierra Leone

Having access to clean water is not the case for many people In Sierra Leone. Water is a precious resource, that is hard-fought. The Treetops foundation is set on helping the people not to have to go through such arduous hardships, by providing a solar panel water pump and well. We are seeking to raise £19200 to have to wells and pumps built in the town Of Sierra Leone. With your help, we can help break the cycle and provide a better future for people.

When choosing to donate to Water Wells for Sierra Leone 100% of your donation will go to  funding the project


Access to clean water is a privilege many of us don’t consider. For some, though, it’s a daily struggle. The project set out by the Treetop Foundation will help children have enough to drink, wash and keep healthy. By giving any amount, you’re directly helping in providing these people with a brighter future.

These children often have to walk for miles every day to collect water. With water wells located at the school, these children will not be subjected to the back-breaking labour of carrying up to 20 litres of water on their heads.

Project Progess

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