Mr Samuel Quee is the Headmaster of the UMC School in Tombodu. After visiting Tombodu several times, we decided that it would be beneficial for Mr Quee to attend a school in England to improve the standard of education in his school. The St. Anne’s School in Grantham kindly volunteered to have Mr Quee spend the week with them to show him modern and efficient ways of teaching children.

It was Mr Quee’s first time to leave Sierra Leone. With his small bag filled with long-sleeved shirts, Mr Quee believed that he was well-prepared for the cold British winter. Nighttime temperatures’ in Sierra Leone rarely dip below 20 degrees, and even this temperature is what Mr Quee would describe as being ‘freezing’. Nothing could prepare him for the cold air that was to hit him as he walked out of Heathrow airport. Mr Quee spent the whole journey to the hotel staring out the car window in awe of the well-lit roads, the bridges and petrol stations.

The next morning, we picked Mr Quee up from the hotel to take him to the St. Anne’s School. As he got in the car, he asked us if we were going to stop off at the river to wash before going to school. We laughed at his joke and started our journey to school. After seeing the confusion on his face, we quickly realised he wasn’t joking and took him back to the hotel to show him how the shower worked. He couldn’t believe that we had access to a constant supply of clean water.

Mr Quee spent five days at St. Anne’s Primary School in Grantham, where he gained some insightful knowledge about the UK’s education system. He described the experience as ‘unforgettable and eye-opening’. Since returning to Sierra Leone, Mr Quee has told us that he has already implemented many changes to the UMC Tombodu school.