Using Social Media

Support us Through Social Media

Social Media is an important tool for The Treetop Foundation to raise awareness of the desperate situation the children face in Tombodu, Sierra Leone.  It is a proven fact that social media can be one of the most effective ways for charities to build their supporters, share successful stories, boost donations, encourage people to sign up, network with like-minded organisations and/or demonstrate their potential. It is essential for us to to raise funds so that we can make a difference to the lives of children and those living below the poverty line in Tombodu, Sierra Leone.  This is why we need your help!  You can get involved  by liking and sharing our social media pages and posts to help us gain more support for this important cause.  The Treetop Foundation regularly post on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.


We post regular updates weekly with news about the children, school and the projects were are currently working on. We post most of our information on our page for our donors.


Get in touch with us through Facebook Messenger from our page if you would like to talk with our team directly.


We post regularly on our page with updates of our work and programs that can be donated to and supported.


Our instagram page posts pictures and videos of the daily workings of the school and what our work does daily for the children.


Our twitter page has updates on fundraising events that we are hosting, as well as regular updates on our work.