New Uniforms for the Treetop Academy

In November 2020, The Treetop Foundation sent the Treetops Academy school uniform for all 210 students. The Treetop Foundation has supported the Treetops Academy since August 2019. Before then, this secondary school was not even recognised by the ministry of education of Sierra Leone as a school due to the standards being so low.

The headmaster of the school, Mr Karku, has said the morale of pupils and staff are at an all-time high as the children are so excited to wear a school uniform for the very first time. The school uniform has not only given the children a sense of belonging but most importantly has increased the safety and well-being of all students. In 2019, Sierra Leone declared a state of emergency for sexual violence and rape. The uniform deters perpetrators away from the students as they know they are underage. The punishment is more severe for the rape of a child.