After our first visit to Tombodu, The Treetop Foundation started a feeding programme at the UMC Tombodu Primary school. All 288 children and staff receive two meals per day
The Treetop Foundation ships a container filled with boxes of educational resources, cooking utensils, children's clothing and many more items. To the UMC Tombodu Primary school.
APRIL 2019
The Tree Top Foundation now sponsor The Treetop Academy. This secondary school was so impoverished that it was not recognised by the government. Building materials were provided immediately to help restore the dilapidated building. The charity also has plans in place to carry out further renovation works.
The Treetop Foundation started feeding 212 students at the Treetop Academy
The charity funded Sahr Samuel Quee, the headmaster of the UMC Tombodu School, to visit the St. Anne's Primary School in Grantham to learn about the educational system in the UK. He firmly expressed his gratitude as he felt the Children of Sierra Leonne could greatly benefit with insights and knowledge he could take back with him
MARCH 2020
The Treetop Foundation has begun feeding the entire town of Tombodu. Due to the on-going pandemic, food shipments from overseas have sky rocketed in price and the townspeople feared starvation. The charity has also set up an education program to teach good hygiene practices. We've also set-up hand washing stations all over
JUNE 2020
Kenilworth Lions club have given The Treetop Foundation it's largest donation to date. It included thousands of pencils, mattresses and medical equipment. We're excited to announce the Lions club has pledged to continue it's on-going support of the charity
The Treetop Foundation has shipped three containers filled with school supplies, which include, chairs, tables, tens of thousands of pencils, art supplies, toys.
The Treetop Foundation has shipped 220 school uniforms, enough to afford every child at the Treetop academy secondary school their own uniform
The Treetop Foundation has shipped another box of essential school supplies and prizes for the school children of Tombodu. The prizes serve as a means of encouraging the children to apply themselves in school and get the best possible education
MARCH 2022
The Treetop Foundation provided 150 girls of the Treetop Academy with sanitary packages, which included sanitary towels, soap, flannels, 3 pairs of underwear and sweets in a drawstring bag.
APRIL 2022
The children received new sports kit such as trainers, football boots, shorts, t-shirts and sports equipment such as footballs and medals. The children can now play sports in school with the proper equipment and develop their skills in sports such as fooball.