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For the children in the remote village of Tombodu, life is tough. Their childhood isn’t about learning, playing and having fun; it’s about fighting for survival. Each child has a different story to tell; many of them suffer from domestic abuse and/or are orphaned or abandoned.

The Treetop Foundation’s Sponsor a Child scheme means that you can make a difference to a child’s life.
Your sponsorship donation of £12 per month could provide food, clothes, an education and access to medical care when needed. A donation of £25 per month could cover the costs of supporting the child’s family.

When choosing to sponsor a child at £12 a month, your chosen child will send you a thank you message and updates to you via email

Kadiatu Karku is 9 years old

Kadiatu’s life took a turn for the worse when both her parents died within a month of each other. Kadiatu now lives with her aunt. The school has recently been made aware that Kadiatu suffers domestic abuse. Despite the hardship, Kadiatu is optimistic about her future. When she is older, she wants to become a teacher. She loves to spend time with her friends and her favourite subject is maths.

Child sponsorship

Jenebe Turay is 8 years old

Jenebe is an orphan who lives with her grandma. She relies on the feeding programme for food as her grandma has a visual impairment and therefore cannot provide for her. In her spare time, Jenebe cares for her grandma. Like most of the children, she loves going to school and hopes that someday she will go to university. Jenebe likes to play with her friends and enjoys singing and cooking.

Kai Morsay is 6 years old

Kai was born with a Cleft Palate and as a result he is often left out by other children. Kai doesn’t know the exact date that he was born but he is believed to be around 6 years old. 3 years ago, Kai’s father passed away from cholera, leaving just his mother to support the family. With barely enough money to buy food, Kai has no chance of ever receiving an operation for his Cleft Palate. 

Child Sponsorship

Hawa Thomas is 10 years old.

Hawa has a difficult life in the village. She lives with both her parents who both have undiagnosed mental illnesses. Hawa spends her spare time cooking with her mother. Her dream is to move to Freetown when she is older and become a teacher. Hawa works very hard at school so that she will achieve her goal. Her favourite hobby is to sing.


Child Sponsorship

Francis Sesay is 9 years old

Francis’ father died when he was a baby. He lives with his mother who suffers from epilepsy. Francis is a funny, happy boy who loves to tell jokes and play pranks on his friends. He loves to play football and his favourite subject at school is P.E and science. Francis spends his spare time collecting wood from the jungle to sell in Koidu, the closest city, so that he can help his mother buy food. Francis wants to be a doctor when he is older.

Favor Morsay is 6 years old

Favor is an orphan who lives with her aunt. Favor’s aunt struggles day to day financially and worries for her future. Favor is very popular at school and has lots of friends. She loves to sing and dance with her friends and her cousins in her spare time. Favor loves going to school so much that, when she is older, she hopes to return to the UMC Tombodu school as a trained teacher. 

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Eddie Conteh is 5 years old

Eddie is a bright, happy little boy. Unfortunately, Eddie suffers from epilepsy and has to cover 3 miles to get to school everyday. Eddie hopes that when he is older, his father will be able to afford to buy him a bike. Eddie’s favourite thing about going to school is dinnertime and playtime. His teachers say that he is good at maths. 

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Anita Sogbor 8 years old

Anita’s father was murdered during the Civil war and her mother died from Ebola. She now lives with her grandmother. Anita loves to sing. Her favourite subject is English because she loves to sing the alphabet. Anita’s mother was a midwife and she hopes that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps

Child Sponsorship

Aminata Morsay is 11 years old.

Aminata’s parents died when she was young and she now lives with her Grandpa. In order to provide for her, Aminata’s Grandpa has to work long hours, so she is often left at home alone. Sometimes, Aminata is cared for by her neighbours. Aminata enjoys learning to read and write.

 Mary Sama Sesay is 11 years old

Mary was abandoned from a young age and is currently being cared for by a family member. She loves to go to school despite having to walk 3.5 miles each way. She loves to play with her friends and enjoys dancing. Mary suffers from visual impairments and, as a result struggles at school. She hopes that one day she will pass her exams and go to secondary school

Michael James is 6 years old

Michael lives with his mother in Tombodu. He suffers from visual impairments, but his mother cannot afford to have him examined or treated. His mother worries about the possible impacts his visual impairment will have on his future. Despite this, Michael is a happy boy who loves to play with his friends.

Osman Kpakima is 8 years old

Osman became an orphan when he was only 1 month old and now lives with his grandma. Osman’s grandma is a subsistence gardener. He loves to go to school so he can play football with his friends at lunchtime. Osmon is top of his class in maths and science. He hopes that one day he will become a doctor.

 Sama Conteh is 12 years old

Sama lost her father when she was 8 years old. Since then, she has had a difficult life at home. Sama spends a lot of her spare time working to help support her family. She hopes that she passes her exams and can continue her education so that she can one day fulfill her dream to be a nurse.


Amara Kabba is 9 years old

At the young age of 9, Amara has suffered a great deal of trauma in his life. 5 years ago, Amara lost his mother when she drowned in the river. Soon after her death, his father abandoned him and he was taken in by his grandma. Amara has to work to support his grandma. Not only does he go to school and work, but he also has to care for his grandma and take care of the home.

Saraba Mansaray is 14 years old

Saraba suffers from epilepsy. To make things worse, both his mother and father abandoned him after they divorced many years ago. Saraba cannot go to secondary school until he passes his exams. Since the feeding programme began at the school, teachers have seen Sabara improve academically and have hope that he will soon pass his exams.