Treetop Foundation aims to restore water well

Treetop Foundation aims to restore water well

The Treetop Foundation is seeking to restore a water well, in order to provide ease of access to fresh water, located near the school. The restoration project will see major improvements to the quality of life, health and happiness to all who wish to draw water from it. 

As it stands the water in the well is stagnant and not fit for humans. The well itself needs to be reopened with access regained to the water. The well itself must be must cleaned and have an effective mechanism installed in which it enables the town to  effectively and with ease draw water from the well.

Once achieved, we will see a major benefits for the town as access to freshwater is fundamentally important for our health. It’ll serve to aid in eliminating  disease.

As it stands Children and adults are still having to walk miles over hard terrain to fetch water, a hardship we believe that no person in the world we live in should have to endure.

We are trying to raise £700 to fund the project.